Struct wgpu::Device[][src]

pub struct Device { /* fields omitted */ }
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Open connection to a graphics and/or compute device.

Responsible for the creation of most rendering and compute resources. These are then used in commands, which are submitted to a Queue.

A device may be requested from an adapter with Adapter::request_device.


Check for resource cleanups and mapping callbacks.

no-op on the web, device is automatically polled.

List all features that may be used with this device.

Functions may panic if you use unsupported features.

List all limits that were requested of this device.

If any of these limits are exceeded, functions may panic.

Creates a shader module from either SPIR-V or WGSL source code.

Creates a shader module from SPIR-V binary directly.


This function passes binary data to the backend as-is and can potentially result in a driver crash or bogus behaviour. No attempt is made to ensure that data is valid SPIR-V.

See also include_spirv_raw! and util::make_spirv_raw.

Creates an empty CommandEncoder.

Creates an empty RenderBundleEncoder.

Creates a new BindGroup.

Creates a BindGroupLayout.

Creates a PipelineLayout.

Creates a RenderPipeline.

Creates a ComputePipeline.

Creates a Buffer.

Creates a new Texture.

desc specifies the general format of the texture.

Creates a Texture from a wgpu-hal Texture.


  • hal_texture must be created from this device internal handle
  • hal_texture must be created respecting desc

Creates a new Sampler.

desc specifies the behavior of the sampler.

Creates a new QuerySet.

Create a new SwapChain which targets surface.


  • A old SwapChainFrame is still alive referencing an old swapchain.
  • Texture format requested is unsupported on the swap chain.

Set a callback for errors that are not handled in error scopes.

Starts frame capture.

Stops frame capture.

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