[][src]Struct wgpu::PipelineLayoutDescriptor

pub struct PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a> {
    pub label: Option<&'a str>,
    pub bind_group_layouts: &'a [&'a BindGroupLayout],
    pub push_constant_ranges: &'a [PushConstantRange],

Describes a pipeline layout.

A PipelineLayoutDescriptor can be used to create a pipeline layout.


label: Option<&'a str>

Debug label of the pipeline layout. This will show up in graphics debuggers for easy identification.

bind_group_layouts: &'a [&'a BindGroupLayout]

Bind groups that this pipeline uses. The first entry will provide all the bindings for "set = 0", second entry will provide all the bindings for "set = 1" etc.

push_constant_ranges: &'a [PushConstantRange]

Set of push constant ranges this pipeline uses. Each shader stage that uses push constants must define the range in push constant memory that corresponds to its single layout(push_constant) uniform block.

If this array is non-empty, the Features::PUSH_CONSTANTS must be enabled.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Clone for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Debug for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a> !RefUnwindSafe for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>

impl<'a> Send for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>

impl<'a> Sync for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>

impl<'a> Unpin for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>

impl<'a> !UnwindSafe for PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'a>

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