Struct wgpu::CommandEncoder

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pub struct CommandEncoder { /* private fields */ }
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Encodes a series of GPU operations.

A command encoder can record RenderPasses, ComputePasses, and transfer operations between driver-managed resources like Buffers and Textures.

When finished recording, call CommandEncoder::finish to obtain a CommandBuffer which may be submitted for execution.

Corresponds to WebGPU GPUCommandEncoder.


Finishes recording and returns a CommandBuffer that can be submitted for execution.

Begins recording of a render pass.

This function returns a RenderPass object which records a single render pass.

Begins recording of a compute pass.

This function returns a ComputePass object which records a single compute pass.

Copy data from one buffer to another.

  • Buffer offsets or copy size not a multiple of COPY_BUFFER_ALIGNMENT.
  • Copy would overrun buffer.
  • Copy within the same buffer.

Copy data from a buffer to a texture.


Copy data from a texture to a buffer.


Copy data from one texture to another.

  • Textures are not the same type
  • If a depth texture, or a multisampled texture, the entire texture must be copied
  • Copy would overrun either texture

Clears texture to zero.

Note that unlike with clear_buffer, COPY_DST usage is not required.

Implementation notes
  • implemented either via buffer copies and render/depth target clear, path depends on texture usages
  • behaves like texture zero init, but is performed immediately (clearing is not delayed via marking it as uninitialized)
  • CLEAR_TEXTURE extension not enabled
  • Range is out of bounds

Clears buffer to zero.

  • Buffer does not have COPY_DST usage.
  • Range it out of bounds

Inserts debug marker.

Start record commands and group it into debug marker group.

Stops command recording and creates debug group.

Features::TIMESTAMP_QUERY must be enabled on the device in order to call these functions.

Issue a timestamp command at this point in the queue. The timestamp will be written to the specified query set, at the specified index.

Must be multiplied by Queue::get_timestamp_period to get the value in nanoseconds. Absolute values have no meaning, but timestamps can be subtracted to get the time it takes for a string of operations to complete.

Features::TIMESTAMP_QUERY or Features::PIPELINE_STATISTICS_QUERY must be enabled on the device in order to call these functions.

Resolve a query set, writing the results into the supplied destination buffer.

Queries may be between 8 and 40 bytes each. See PipelineStatisticsTypes for more information.

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