Trait wgpu::util::DeviceExt

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pub trait DeviceExt {
    fn create_buffer_init(&self, desc: &BufferInitDescriptor<'_>) -> Buffer;
    fn create_texture_with_data(
        queue: &Queue,
        desc: &TextureDescriptor<'_>,
        data: &[u8]
    ) -> Texture; }
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Utility methods not meant to be in the main API.

Required Methods§

Creates a Buffer with data to initialize it.

Upload an entire texture and its mipmaps from a source buffer.

Expects all mipmaps to be tightly packed in the data buffer.

If the texture is a 2DArray texture, uploads each layer in order, expecting each layer and its mips to be tightly packed.

Example: Layer0Mip0 Layer0Mip1 Layer0Mip2 … Layer1Mip0 Layer1Mip1 Layer1Mip2 …

Implicitly adds the COPY_DST usage if it is not present in the descriptor, as it is required to be able to upload the data to the gpu.