pub trait Device<A: Api>: Send + Sync {
Show 35 methods unsafe fn exit(self, queue: A::Queue); unsafe fn create_buffer(
        desc: &BufferDescriptor<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::Buffer, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_buffer(&self, buffer: A::Buffer); unsafe fn map_buffer(
        buffer: &A::Buffer,
        range: MemoryRange
    ) -> Result<BufferMapping, DeviceError>; unsafe fn unmap_buffer(&self, buffer: &A::Buffer) -> Result<(), DeviceError>; unsafe fn flush_mapped_ranges<I>(&self, buffer: &A::Buffer, ranges: I)
        I: Iterator<Item = MemoryRange>
; unsafe fn invalidate_mapped_ranges<I>(&self, buffer: &A::Buffer, ranges: I)
        I: Iterator<Item = MemoryRange>
; unsafe fn create_texture(
        desc: &TextureDescriptor<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::Texture, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_texture(&self, texture: A::Texture); unsafe fn create_texture_view(
        texture: &A::Texture,
        desc: &TextureViewDescriptor<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::TextureView, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_texture_view(&self, view: A::TextureView); unsafe fn create_sampler(
        desc: &SamplerDescriptor<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::Sampler, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_sampler(&self, sampler: A::Sampler); unsafe fn create_command_encoder(
        desc: &CommandEncoderDescriptor<'_, A>
    ) -> Result<A::CommandEncoder, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_command_encoder(&self, pool: A::CommandEncoder); unsafe fn create_bind_group_layout(
        desc: &BindGroupLayoutDescriptor<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::BindGroupLayout, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_bind_group_layout(&self, bg_layout: A::BindGroupLayout); unsafe fn create_pipeline_layout(
        desc: &PipelineLayoutDescriptor<'_, A>
    ) -> Result<A::PipelineLayout, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_pipeline_layout(&self, pipeline_layout: A::PipelineLayout); unsafe fn create_bind_group(
        desc: &BindGroupDescriptor<'_, A>
    ) -> Result<A::BindGroup, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_bind_group(&self, group: A::BindGroup); unsafe fn create_shader_module(
        desc: &ShaderModuleDescriptor<'_>,
        shader: ShaderInput<'_>
    ) -> Result<A::ShaderModule, ShaderError>; unsafe fn destroy_shader_module(&self, module: A::ShaderModule); unsafe fn create_render_pipeline(
        desc: &RenderPipelineDescriptor<'_, A>
    ) -> Result<A::RenderPipeline, PipelineError>; unsafe fn destroy_render_pipeline(&self, pipeline: A::RenderPipeline); unsafe fn create_compute_pipeline(
        desc: &ComputePipelineDescriptor<'_, A>
    ) -> Result<A::ComputePipeline, PipelineError>; unsafe fn destroy_compute_pipeline(&self, pipeline: A::ComputePipeline); unsafe fn create_query_set(
        desc: &QuerySetDescriptor<Label<'_>>
    ) -> Result<A::QuerySet, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_query_set(&self, set: A::QuerySet); unsafe fn create_fence(&self) -> Result<A::Fence, DeviceError>; unsafe fn destroy_fence(&self, fence: A::Fence); unsafe fn get_fence_value(
        fence: &A::Fence
    ) -> Result<FenceValue, DeviceError>; unsafe fn wait(
        fence: &A::Fence,
        value: FenceValue,
        timeout_ms: u32
    ) -> Result<bool, DeviceError>; unsafe fn start_capture(&self) -> bool; unsafe fn stop_capture(&self);

Required Methods

Exit connection to this logical device.

Creates a new buffer.

The initial usage is BufferUses::empty().

Creates a new texture.

The initial usage for all subresources is TextureUses::UNINITIALIZED.

Creates a bind group layout.

Calling wait with a lower value than the current fence value will immediately return.