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Available on wgpu_core only.
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Re-export of our wgpu-hal dependency.

This library describes the internal unsafe graphics abstraction API. It follows WebGPU for the most part, re-using wgpu-types, with the following deviations:

  • Fully unsafe: zero overhead, zero validation.
  • Compile-time backend selection via traits.
  • Objects are passed by references and returned by value. No IDs.
  • Mapping is persistent, with explicit synchronization.
  • Resource transitions are explicit.
  • All layouts are explicit. Binding model has compatibility.

General design direction is to follow the majority by the following weights:

  • wgpu-core: 1.5
  • primary backends (Vulkan/Metal/DX12): 1.0 each
  • secondary backend (GLES): 0.5






  • Stores the text of any validation errors that have occurred since the last call to get_and_reset.


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